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Beautiful You

Pearls of Wisdom

Naturally enhanced beauty is a rare but essentially wise goal to achieve. Here in this excerpt you will have an opportunity to join me on a journey in learning all about the challenges one woman has endured to arrive at the peek of her natural beauty. Amidst the challenges she faced being a woman of diverse pigmented color. This natural beauty is an asset that anyone can inhabit and achieve. We have here an example that we all can admire and learn from, that has surely set the tone of it all. As we take a look at a once limited, challenged individual who is passionate about bringing natural enhanced beauty to the forefront of one’s image. We will see there is hope for all globally diverse skin challenged individuals. It starts with your willingness to learn and become wiser by utilizing nature’s tools to accentuate a natural more beautiful you.
Yes it’s so much easier and convenient to indulge in mainstream overrated unhealthy make up trends that are leaving your skin with more negative breakouts, and irritated dry skin, with so much damage after application. With the final makeup appearance that is leaving you looking like a made up barbie doll that looks unnatural with an unattractive caked on look that is so overrated. So what do you have to lose? You can take a trip down the lane of wisdom with a professional who’s been there, seen that, and has evolved past those jaded memories of fake, caked on, harmful makeup memories and on to more natural beauty. Stay here with us and you will see there is hope for all to see a more naturally enhanced beautiful you.

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