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  • Journeying to Owning Your Very First Home 

    Journey with me on to the Rails of Success 🚂

    When you find yourself at the crossroads of renting or owning your home. When you look at all the reasons to stop 🛑 renting and start the journey to buying your own home. You will see this is a question one must reckon with sooner than later. Rent or buy? That is the question……

    Reliable Real Estate Realtor Train Whistle #1 (select image below)

    Why not team up with a professional to guide you onto the rails of success in owning your first real estate property. When you confide in a Reliable Real Estate Realtor you will realize you have chosen success. So let me show you a sure path of success that leads you to a possibility of obtaining your very own personalized tool kit in purchasing your very first home. Stay with me and attune your ears to hearing more about these alarming sounds of Reliable Real Estate railroad tips to success. 

    Are you hungry for discovering your journey to success on your first time home buying journey?

    Reliable Real Estate Realtor Train Whistle

    #2 (select image below)

    It is inevitable to avoid financial obligations,  every citizen must adhere to paying rent dues,even you!

    Each month you, the tenant, are paying out a liability.Yes,it’s a very real phenomenon that one must pay for a residence month after month. Rent is not an asset, it is not a plus for you especially when it’s a monthly due.  Did you know that there are many cons of renting a residence? Did you know your landlord can change your rent at any given time? Not to mention there are not very many benefits to renting a residence.

     A tenant can’t even make changes to the dwelling unit without approval from the owner. So if your walls are ugly color you have to live with it. Not to mention animal lovers, it’s going to cost you. Have you heard of pet deposits? Yes,that is a requirement before moving, in and signing your lease. Some units disallow pets all together. Also,how about the fact you are investing in your landlord’s assets. Hmmmm. Don’t you think it’s time to wake up to the whistle. There is a realestate train whistling the alarm? Do you hear it?  Stop 🛑 paying rent! 

    Let’s listen to the alternative. 

    Reliable Real Estate Realtor Train Whistle

    #3 (select image below)

    Pros of buying a home for a first time home buyer. 

    Real estate is a secure investment.

    Know that making a first time home purchase opens doors to greater possibilities.

    First time home buying is a goal that is achievable, all you need is the guidance and the tools to execute this first time home buying endeavor. First step is to find the best fit reliable real estate realtor that accentuates your unique needs. So let’s take a look here. We can tune our ears to a reliable real estate realtor as she sounds the whistle not once not twice but three times as she guides us on to the rails of real estate success!

  • Must We RISK ?

    Our Beautiful Skin

    Beautiful You

    I am talking to all the beauties out there, yes you! If you are reading this passage then I must share a little wisdom along your quest to arrive at your best beauty journey. You see, coming from a beauty reaching out to another beauty is a beautiful thing. My hope for you is to know a little more than yesterday starting today! My goal is to educate you on beauty tips in every which way! Starting today. Specifically on the best way to exfoliate for the beautiful you to shine through!

    So I will be sharing, telling you my true life stories that I endured and overcame. Ultimately I want you to arrive in a place of keen awareness of the dangers of skin care practices. Specifically we will dive into the topic of do’s and don’ts when it comes to exfoliating your face.

    Yes you will raise your eyebrows in surprisement, relief, and surely arriving at a sheer understanding,
    of how to exfoliate your face properly. Shall we embark on this learning journey alongside me and Denise.

    Who wouldn’t want to have their natural beauty take center stage to showcase the best radiant healthy skin appearance? Me!
    I’m sure I can count you in too. With no further delay let’s take a closer look at proper execution of exfoliation.

    Well there are do’s and don’ts of exfoliating to accomplish the goal of arriving to a more radiant appearance of beautiful skin.

    First things first you must remove dry, dull, skin by body polishing and unclogging pores etc. One must remove these dead cells on the surface in order to make way for that radiant natural beauty to shine through.

    First thing that comes to your mind is exfoliating!

    Yes exfoliating is an excellent tool to exercise, to arrive at your goal of doing away with the old making way for the new.

    Let’s take a look at the-exfoliating do or don’t rule.

    So if you think that it is safe to exfoliate day after day you are dead wrong. Scrubbing all the dead skin away every day is not the goal. You are stripping natural vital facial oils and causing much havoc on your skin, when you over exfoliate. Exfoliation is meant to be used sparingly.

    Let me share a bit of my experience with this tool of exfoliating. My experience in exfoliating my face was quite dramatic. I was using a charcoal based exfoliate face wash cleanser. Yes, it was very effective, but it left rough edges and dry patches around my nose area.
    I did not know what to do. It was as bad as me having to inquire with a dermatologist. This dermatologist prescribed me a cream, antibiotic to relieve the dryness and redness. My skin was damaged. It was highly inflamed and irritated. After a couple of uses of the topical antibiotic cream and immediately eliminating my face exfoliating techniques I was back to normal. This is why it’s very important that you do not over-exfoliate when you wash your face. Less is best.
    I hope you can see that it’s not wise to over exfoliate.
    My fellow beauty I hope you take note that this is a sure don’t.

    Let’s look at the cause of what happens when you exfoliate. You may not know that exfoliating daily is not highly recommended. Exfoliating indeed strips skin of natural oils, leaving results of dry feeling, which can lead to inflammation, even irritation. Who has time for that? So be wise and take your time when it comes to exfoliating. Exfoliating is recommended only once or twice a week.

    Not any exfoliation product will do for you.
    Let’s take a journey down the lane of truth when it comes to knowing the best exfoliating ingredients to use. Denise Bell a certified esthetician,
    makeup artist, skincare therapist, and zone massage therapist shares the appropriate exfoliating helpful truths and tips.

    Denise says, “Exfoliation can also be tricky. A lot of companies use walnut and apricot hulls, which tears the skin. When you apply moisturizer and make up to a torn skin, the skin heals trapping those ingredients underneath contributing to acne. The best exfoliants will contain enzymes to dissolve the dead skin like rice or oatmeal so you have a two-part, exfoliation, manual and chemical.”

    Fact of this matter is that there are do’s and don’ts you don’t want to miss out on knowing. When it comes to exfoliating your face for the best beautiful you to shine through. Key is to become knowledgeable to choose the best tools for your exfoliating journey. I challenge you to stay in the loop alongside me and Veils of Color.
    Where I bring you real life experiences I have endured along this journey of exfoliating. You will find advice from real life expert Denise Bell, who shares on this subject matter and so much more! Here alongside Pearls of Wisdom , and Veils of Color.

    We invite you to engage in this conversation by commenting on the comment section with your questions on the topic of exfoliating. We would love to partner with you in aiding you to discover your most wise exfoliating journey in arriving to achieving the most beautiful you!

  • Makeup 💄 Your Mind

    Mineral or Cosmetic Makeup

     Why should you care about what kind of makeup is best for you?

    If you are anything like me, you care about your appearance. A puzzling thought… If you care about your appearance now, then you want to be wise and learn what is best to preserve that appearance for the long run. Skin is a very important part of your body, you want to protect, nurture, and preserve for its youthful appearance, as long as you are able. Most people who wear makeup would agree that it is important to choose the cleanest, quality, sustainable makeup to apply to your skin, especially if you are conscious of your appearance. If you are a person who values self-confidence through your appearance you would agree that it is best to choose quality over convenience when it comes to cosmetic makeup.

    This is why it’s so important that you learn about what mainstream cosmetic makeup has to offer and what mineral make up has to give. I assure you once you learn the truth about these everyday products you will think twice before you apply these items to your skin. My hope for you is to learn a little more than yesterday starting today. Now let’s journey into discovery of what regular makeup is all about, and the beauty of mineral make up has to offer. Then you can choose the kind of makeup that is best fit for you. I assure you after taking a good look to uncover and discover what makeup is up to, you can choose your solid staple cosmetics that are the best fit for your everyday use. 

    If you are serious about staying radiant, flawless, and youthful in appearance you want to stick around to learn more about the importance of use of mineral makeup versus regular cosmetic makeup. Now the difference between mineral makeup and mainstream regular makeup is quite alarming.

    We can all agree that traditional regular cosmetic make up is easily attainable and quite convenient. It’s reduced in price at our local shopping stores, pharmacie drug stores, and local convenience stores. We can all agree that convenience is not always wise. When you look at all the reasons why wisdom triumphs convenience you will surely agree to not compromise. These traditional make up cosmetics are super cheap, and they come in liquids, creams, powders that are heavy and prone to set in wrinkles, clog your pores and cause irritation on skin. These cosmetic coverages have parabens, phthalates, synthetic perfumes, dyes, chemicals, synthetic fragrances and many harmful substances. Even worse traditional make-up cosmetics are contributing to animal cruelty in order to produce these harmful substances that are not healthy for your skin.

    These makeup items even cause damage and create more problems than solutions. Why would you or anyone else want to join in the convenient way of applying harmful cosmetics to your daily routine? This method of course is not acceptable. Now let’s look at alternatives on the other end. 

    Mineral makeup is safer than traditional make up in many ways. Let’s take a look at the fact alone that mineral makeup is derived from our earth as a natural resource. These minerals are so rich and full of iron, zinc oxide, and are natural elements from creation. Mineral makeup has been deemed safe for human use for many uses. Mineral makeup is compressed and is free from oil and wax additives, in addition minerals are beneficial to our health through the iron and zinc alone. Who would’ve guessed these tiny particles from the earth that have been grounded up into shiny shimmering products could be so useful and resourceful. Mineral makeup is known to decrease aging. These cosmetic minerals offer a lightweight feel, prevent a dull appearance and prevent aging. Mineral makeup does not cause flaking, or itching in cold weather. Surely you can see all these benefits of using mineral cosmetics should motivate you to try a new exploration into mineral makeup and do away with traditional make.

    It would be wise to venture into a mineral cosmetic journey alongside me to find the best fit for the best beautiful you! Veils of Color has an array of mineral based cosmetic items you can choose from to bring out your natural beauty. Take the advice from a professional who knows best, that has shared her gems with me, now in turn I am inviting you to share in this beautiful discovery of mineral based cosmetic gems. You won’t be disappointed. It’s reality that you will be in a status of more like appointed to be the beautiful you with mineral wear.

  • Journey

    To Discover

    Beautiful You
    I invite you to find the beautiful you. Come take a journey alongside, onto the path of discovery. A path to experience the naturally enhanced beauty. Beauty that is awaiting to be displayed, for all to see. Like a young bride prepared for her groom. Imagine a beauty on earth that no one has assumed. No eye has seen or gleamed such glorious natural beauty fit for a King. A beauty that is naturally elegant as a rose petal; soft luxurious and delicate. A beauty that radiates pure bliss of uniqueness, no counterfeit, just voluptuous luxurious radiance that one can possess. Imagine the potential to demonstrate a natural beauty of genuine beautiful elegance. Did you know that things of this nature even exist? Yes!  Indeed, these natural elements are as real as can be obtainable tangible and very real, like you and me. Nuggets of divine gems, a sure find on the path of discovery alongside me you can find. Today I challenge you to try these gems to apply.
    Hesitant as you are, let me tell you a reason you must try. Addressing your question. “Can I be like that bride, a rare beauty emanating such radiant kind, that no eyes has yet to find?”
    Yes, its you the beautiful you! A divine rare natural beautiful kind. Veils of Color the great treasure awaits, bringing out your natural beauty. Let me assure you, it’s not hard to find. As you join me on this journey, hand-in-hand, I can lead you to understand. There are treasures waiting nearby as you stand, take a step out discover your treasures-that can enhance your natural beauty right where you stand. Step into the path of discovery to become that bride prepared for her groom. A glorious radiant beautiful you a sure rare find! Let me introduce you to this treasure that awaits. Veils of Color naturally enhances your beauty with treasures you can find. Natural gems of mineral make up pallets which offer a universally complete array of pigments of color, you’re to find your unique self reflection like no other. Veils of Color offers a wide variety of options to bring out the naturally enhanced beautiful you. Won’t you give it a try? One of a kind experience, Veils of Color offers customized naturally enhanced coverage with a number of arrayed gems, and many accessories in between. The most magnificent thing is it’s all natural minerals with antioxidants, vitamins with green tea and lavender. What a treasure you will discover on the journey to finding a naturally enhanced Beautiful You with Veils of Color !

  • Beautiful You

    Pearls of Wisdom

    Naturally enhanced beauty is a rare but essentially wise goal to achieve. Here in this excerpt you will have an opportunity to join me on a journey in learning all about the challenges one woman has endured to arrive at the peek of her natural beauty. Amidst the challenges she faced being a woman of diverse pigmented color. This natural beauty is an asset that anyone can inhabit and achieve. We have here an example that we all can admire and learn from, that has surely set the tone of it all. As we take a look at a once limited, challenged individual who is passionate about bringing natural enhanced beauty to the forefront of one’s image. We will see there is hope for all globally diverse skin challenged individuals. It starts with your willingness to learn and become wiser by utilizing nature’s tools to accentuate a natural more beautiful you.
    Yes it’s so much easier and convenient to indulge in mainstream overrated unhealthy make up trends that are leaving your skin with more negative breakouts, and irritated dry skin, with so much damage after application. With the final makeup appearance that is leaving you looking like a made up barbie doll that looks unnatural with an unattractive caked on look that is so overrated. So what do you have to lose? You can take a trip down the lane of wisdom with a professional who’s been there, seen that, and has evolved past those jaded memories of fake, caked on, harmful makeup memories and on to more natural beauty. Stay here with us and you will see there is hope for all to see a more naturally enhanced beautiful you.